Not Normal- Why All The Hype? Girl w The Dragon Tattoo Book Review

Published November 30, 2013 by Leslie

Girl With The Dragon TattooI’m having a hard time understanding the hype surrounding The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

A 900+ page book where the 2 main characters don’t even meet until around page 460 and it’s only then the story actually gets rolling. Everything leading up to that is filler, some tiny plot points, filler, people eating sandwiches and making coffee, filler,¬† rape by a guardian (still not sure why we needed that) and oh yeah… filler.

The plot itself once you finally get there is a decent little mystery, but after pushing myself through the book I feel like it could have been about 400 pages shorter. Other reviews I’ve read all claim the book to be fast paced and exciting, I guess how to make an open-faced sandwich really rocks their world?

The writing style is very basic, I’m talking Twilight basic, except in this novel the conversation between characters actually flows (that is when they’re not too busy with sandwiches and coffee) Maybe the excellent writing was lost in translation? Also, I was slightly annoyed with¬†Lisbeth’s ability to magically solve any problem by hacking and Mikael being a great big whore.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m the only person in the world who thinks this book is not all that great, after all, I’m not normal. It may take a week or two before I decide to try and read the next one in the series…


* There are 18 mentions of eating sandwiches in this book and 90 some odd mentions about coffee *

3 out of 5






3 comments on “Not Normal- Why All The Hype? Girl w The Dragon Tattoo Book Review

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