Not Normal – Confession

Published February 10, 2014 by Leslie

Over the weekend I had a chance to catch up on some shows and finally saw the last episode of Sons of Anarchy

Don’t worry no spoilers… but I will say after watching it…

I had to recover by watching 3 episodes of the Golden Girls before I was ok again.


Thank you for being a Friend

Not Normal Confession

Published December 13, 2013 by Leslie

As a kid I use to think the lyrics to the METALLICA song Sad but True said sand patrol

So I would sing it as:

I’m your dream, make you real
I’m your eyes when you must steal
I’m your pain when you can’t feel
Sand Patrol

I’m your dream, mind astray
I’m your eyes while you’re away
I’m your pain while you repay
You know it’s sand patrol

Hey I was 11 / 12 so it made perfect sense to me… try it next time you hear it.. it works

Not Normal – I’m Not Even Trying Any More – Walking Dead Break

Published December 10, 2013 by Leslie

I don’t even care anymore, which is obvious by the lateness of this post.

Walking Dead is just another show to me now, nothing to look forward to, nothing to send me running to the key board. It’s just not fun anymore. It’s predictable, drawn out and boring.

- Of course the Governor killed Hershel so that Michonne could machete him later.

- Of course the prison is destroyed so the group has to split up and be on the move.

- Of course we are supposed to think the baby is dead so we are shocked, but we’re not.

- Of course the herd of walkers disappeared so the Governor could stand at the fence with his mob undisturbed (yes Rick and Carl shot a bunch that came through the fence that one time, but I guess no more showed up after that?)

- Of course there is always tons of guns and bullets for everyone, all the time. (if this ever happened in Canada I wouldn’t even know where to find a gun lol)

I hope them being split up and on the road will make it more interesting, but I’m not looking forward to all the multiple stories it may cause, I’m also not looking forward to being more focused on Rick and Carl because I don’t like them.

Kind of how I really started to hate Deb on Dexter…

Uh oh Walking Dead

Uh Oh.

rick stuff and things

Not Normal – Thanks So Much Dr Phil

Published December 9, 2013 by Leslie

Isn’t it always awesome when people have no problem voicing an opinion on what they think is wrong with your life?

A broker in my office decided to share his opinions on why I am not married:

1) I am too independent. Having a good job, house, car and handle on my finances makes it seem like I don’t need a man. Apparently if a man doesn’t feel needed he is not allowed to like you.

2) I am too smart. My ability to figure things out on my own is intimidating to men.

3) My quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor. Men like quiet women who keep to themselves.

4) I am kind of nerdy, me reading books and watching shows like Supernatural and Sherlock is unusual.

So basically if I want a husband I need to be incompetent, stupid, quiet and not have any interests.

No thanks!

But hey, if I change my mind maybe my Dad can throw in some cows as a dowry and get me a real good husband.

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